Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott
Registered Surveyor, Principal

B.Surv (Hons) Newcastle University

Chris commenced his surveying career in 1981 undertaking a Bachelor of Surveying Degree at the University of Newcastle. In 1982 whilst at Uni he began work as a cadet undergraduate surveyor with the NSW Lands Department. He graduated with honours in 1984 and completed his Board of Surveyors registration examinations in 1987 whilst working at the Land Titles Office of the Department of Lands in Sydney. It was during these early years that Chris developed an intense and lifelong passion with cadastral (boundary) surveying and the determination of such boundaries.

He returned to the Far North Coast of NSW in 1987 where he had grown up and worked as a Registered Surveyor with Steel and Associates in Ballina prior to starting his own practice in early 1995 at the age of 32.

Over the past 30 years Chris has worked on many large scale construction, detail and cadastral (boundary) projects throughout N.S.W. In 1997 Chris Abbott Surveying was subcontracted by Fernandes Constructions Pty Ltd as a works supervisor in association with the construction of new bridges on the Pacific Highway Bypass at Bangalow N.S.W. Chris was directly responsible for calculations and setting out of all structures associated with these bridges. He has worked as a surveyor to CountryEnergy on various route locations of proposed works on the Northern Rivers since 1999. Since 1987 Chris has been directly responsible for setting out and calculation work with several large scale residential developments on the Far North Coast. He has also subcontracted for the NSW Lands Department on several complex and problem solving matters involving boundary resolution.

Chris has been for several years, an Examiner on the N.S.W. Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI), specializing in cadastral (boundary) surveying, and is an employee of the University Of Newcastle School Of Engineering working with and tutoring Surveying and Civil Engineering students.

In 2013 Chris was recognised for his afforts and presented with the 2013 Sir Thomas Ewing Award (North Coast Surveyor of the Year) and the 2013 NSW Professional of the Year.

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